"StoveTec is a social venture created to distribute the rocket stove designed at the Aprovecho Research Center and manufactured by SSM. The stoves reduce fuel need by 50%, are 70% cleaner than cooking on an open fire, and cooks from many different countries love them. The stoves cost between $4 and $12 and are available for distribution now. Please see the attached flyer and visit our website www.stovetec.net/projects to learn more."


Get in touch for stove samples, a project quote or to share your ideas for distributing stoves to the world.

Delivering clean and efficient stoves to the world cooks requires good partnerships!

"Have an idea for how we can work better, a project idea, or a questions or concern? Great – let us know!"

Contact: Ben West
ben at stovetec.net
Phone 541-767-0287
Web: www.stovetec.net

Further information

Find out more @ www.stovetec.net