"With accelerate progress of war and governmental corruption, the familiar union in my country is every time better. But the opportunities turnaround in the same old and traditional ways. We know that the world is quickly changing and the importance of new technologies for installing new economies. The final purpose is to unite families and turn green jobs for better life quality. First, I want to study the energy renewable subjects. I want to find any grant, scholarship or financial aid to learn and certificate studies and make my own family business."

Who is involved

"Four of my family. Mother, Father, Sister and me"


"To sell, calculate and install different energy renewable systems for home power."


"Colombia, Valle del cauca, Tulua"

"It is very important to establish and promote a network of contacts for interchange for the planet that work in the new ways of the new world. Any questions or suggestions please contact:"

Marino Ramírezmarino@alexandria.cc
Valle del Cauca,
South America.
Calle 28B No. 42-33 B/Jazmín