The award is given to recognise their “outstanding contribution to the Biomass Energy Sector”.

The 7th EUBIA Industry Award was delivered this year on the occasion of the 17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition recognising Schmack Biogas AG
for its “outstanding contribution to the development of the Biomass Energy Sector.” The prize was officially awarded on the 29th June by Tord Fjallstrom, EUBIA President to M. Michael Wittmann, Spokesman of Schmack Biogas AG during the Welcome reception of the conference.

Schmack Biogas AG has been chosen this year for its activity as a pioneer in biogas development in Germany and in Europe and, moreover for its commitment to modern and industrial scale production of biogas. The first pioneer bio-methane plant was built by Schmack in Pliening, Germany and the company went on to build one of the largest plants in Europe at its headquarters in Schwandorf. Currently, 3 bio-methane plants built by Schmack are in operation and a further 4 plants are under construction.


Schmack Biogas AG

Schmack Biogas AG is a leading German supplier of biogas plants. Established in 1995, the company provides its services through two divisions, namely Design and
Construction and Service, and is one of the few full-service providers in the industry. In addition to full-service repair and maintenance contracts, the company also provides comprehensive microbiological support and integrated plant management services.


Schmack Biogas AG
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