Extract from allafrica.com by Collen Maepa

Johannesburg — Given the potential for fires in winter, Joburg's Emergency Management Services (EMS) is urging people to take precautions against the dangers associated with heaters, candles and paraffin stoves.

"There is a prevailing misconception, held by some, to the effect that household fire incidents are only confined to informal settlements, and that people living in formal structures are immune to these phenomena," said the EMS's acting communications manager, Percy Morokane.

"The sad reality is that human lives have been lost and properties worth millions of rands have also been destroyed," he added.

When using paraffin stoves, users should make sure that it is placed on a flat, solid surface so that it cannot be knocked over or bumped. Furthermore, users must always have a bucket of sand nearby when using a paraffin stove.

Children should never be left alone near a paraffin stove and users should always use a childproof paraffin safety cap on the paraffin bottle.

Mr Percy Morokane, urged the public that prevention was better than cure, adding that "to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Safety comes first."

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