Africa's poor and vulnerable communities rarely have the opportunity to share their valuable experience and learn from others in broader or more formal exchanges of knowledge on climate change adaptation. AfricaAdapt is launching its new Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund promoting new ways of sharing knowledge that can help address this problem.

How does the Innovation Fund work?

The Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund will offer grants of up to US$10.000 to projects that seek to overcome barriers to share knowledge with 'hard to reach' or marginalised African communities. These barriers may be related to language, access to information and marginalisation due to gender or disability. Theatre performances, songs, radio broadcasts, visual arts, videos and comics are just a few ideas about how they could be overcome. The key is to ensure these groups can learn and share.

Why reach out to marginalised communities?

Ensuring that vulnerable communities are active in the exchange of African knowledge, best practices and know-how on climate change adaptation is a high priority for AfricaAdapt. These communities are the most directly threatened by climactic impacts, however they also have a wealth of experience in adapting to past changes that could benefit other communities.

Do you have an idea? Apply now!

African researchers, local and civil society organisations, cooperatives and community networks are encouraged to submit their ideas.

Important dates & Contact

  • First round of submissions open from 1 July to 1 August 2009.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 15 October.
  • Website: