Teddy Kinyanjui: "My family company make improved energy efficient biomass stoves and ovens and promote nationwide afforestation through extension work and seedling supply and we formulate land use plans for holistic natural management systems in Kenya. By the end of this year we are opening a center of learning about the entire seed-to-ash cycle that represents 80% of the populations domestic cooking energy."

"We make regular field visits to sites around Kenya that demonstrate high levels of competence within the field of sustainable biomass energy farming. We have 3 self contained rooms in the Kitengela Private Arboretum and the lectures and work experience is led Dr. Max Kinyanjui and myself Teddy Kinyanjui."

The Kitengela private Arboretum was established in 1996 on the outskirts of what was then a sleepy Maasai trading center as a woodfuel demonstration project. One of the initial goals was to see just how long it takes one tree to grow one bag of acacia charcoal in a semi arid area, (8 years with correct planting and managing). Some 14 years later, work at the arboretum is still focused on detailed research of the production, management, and processing of wood fuels, along with the development and production of new and original designs of charcoal and wood powered stoves and ovens.

Activities at the arboretum are based around the dissemination of forestry related information. Training sessions in tree seedling propagation, seed collection, efficient utilization of wood by-products, beekeeping, small scale dryland food production, weaving trees for live sculptures, energy efficient charcoaling and many other silvicultural techniques are held on a quarterly basis during the annual open days. The KPPA is also home to the largest independent firewood and charcoal cookstove and oven factory in East Africa.

For more information, please contact:
Teddy Kinyanjui
Sustainability Consultant
Kitengela Private Arboretum
Nairobi, Kenya

or reference the blog @ www.reskqu.blogspot.com