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These economical stoves are designed for real biomass cooking, every day for years, or on a camping trip .The stoves are used by folks in Africa, South America, and Asia who depend on biomass fuels like wood and charcoal.

The stoves feature rugged handles, a tough refractory ceramic combustion chamber, an easy to clean painted steel body, cast iron stove top and a steel stick support. Many years of in field experience went into these GreenFire cook stoves that are currently utilized in many stove projects and carbon credit programs worldwide.

Extensive testing has shown that the GreenFire stoves reduce biomass fuel use by about 40% compared to the open fire. They burn a lot cleaner, reducing indoor air pollution and health hazards from breathing smoke.

Aprovecho Research Center designed GreenFire Technology stoves with input from cooks worldwide. The goal was to manufacture economical, fuel-efficient, low-emission stoves that people will actually use. Field tests show we have succeeded. The performance of these stoves has been validated by field and laboratory testing.

The GreenFire ceramic combustion chambers are made of specialized, lightweight, aerated clay, to maximize efficient heat transfer. The clay is extruded with 3 vertical expansion grooves. The visual cracks or channels that develop after multiple firing or during shipment are specifically designed to occur. Expansion grooves are also used in cement work. This is an intentional process to extend the utility and life of the fire chamber ceramic.

Efficient cook stoves improve heat transfer to the pot or griddle, saving fuel. The stove top and pot skirt force the hot gases closer to the bottom and sides of the pot. More heat enters the pot, so less fuel is used for cooking. The specialized aerated ceramic fire chamber increases the temperature in the combustion zone above the fire, maximizing the burning of smoke and gas mixture, which reduces harmful emissions. This increases both heat transfer and combustion efficiency, resulting in optimized cooking performance.

GreenFire fully assembled stoves include the GreenFire One Door, the GreenFire Combo, and the GreenFire Institutional Stove. Find more details here

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