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  • The FACT workshop on Food vs Fuels

New director for FACT

"Please join us in welcoming our new managing director, Mr Winfried Rijssenbeek. Mr Rijssenbeek is an energy and development specialist with a wide international expertise and involvement in the renewable energy sector."

"Apart from this, he is knowledgeable in energy cross cutting themes like energy and poverty, energy and climate change and energy and agriculture. His expertise covers policy, planning and financial aspects and project cycle activities. Check out our news items for Mr Rijssenbeeks' introduction letter."

"Mr Erik Lysen is happy to fulfill a role as an ambassador for FACT. We thank Mr Lysen for his dedication the past two years."

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The FACT visit to Mali Biocarburant

"FACT went to Mali Biocarburant in November 2008. Please read the report of this visit by Winfried Rijssenbeek on our website. During the visit to Mali Biocarburant (MBSA) Hugo Verkuijl explained the different stages of the Jatropha production and processing it is involved in."

"MBSA trains the farmers cooperative with the production of seedling production using simple technology nurseries that farmers can apply on their farms."

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The FACT workhop on Food vs Fuels

"On Monday May 18th FACT Foundation hosted a workshop discussing the food/fuels issue. FACT invited different speakers e.g. Dr. Ibrahim Togola from the Mali Folke Centre and Prof. Dr. Ken Giller Chair Group of Plant Production Systems from Wageningen UR. Plenary discussions were held under direction of Prof. Dr. Johan Sanders and Drs. Sander van Bennekom."

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An overview of the discussion points can be found on the FACT Foundation website. The conclusions will be posted there too.


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