"IESEP is a local enterprise that mainly involves the production of improved cook stoves and supplies to all Puntland main towns like Garowe, Gaalkacayo, Qardho. ADRA Somalia has trained 20 staff of this technology of improved cook stoves; this helped us overcome some of our problems, improving quality of our products. They have also supported us in the provision of high quality moulds for charcoal production. We appreciate support given by ADRA Somalia. IESEP Enterprise main production centre is located in Bossaso town of Puntland state of Somalia."

Tashiil charcoal stove is a portable stove that uses charcoal as fuel and is made up of metal and mud. It significantly reduces the amount of charcoal used - about 50% compared to traditional stoves.
Other features include:
  • The improved tashiil wood stove is a portable stove that uses fire wood as fuel. This is made up of metal and mud.
  • The upper layer is metal and inner layer is made up of mud.
  • It uses less fire wood compared to the three stone open fire and 50-70% more efficient"
  • Easy to build using locally available materials.
  • The rocket mud stove is clean, burning and together with the chimney, significantly reduces the amount of smoke produced.
  • The stove gives a potential 50-70% saving on firewood and charcoal.
  • It prevents fire eruption and especially designed for IDP's settings.

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