The project is supporting small-scale farmers and families with water pumps for irrigation and watering animals. The pumps are powered by wind, electricity or gasoline. Especially in regions with little rain the cultivation of potatoes or onions can be influenced positively through small irrigation. Sustainable access to water is necessary for irrigation and the processing of agricultural products.

Energising Development Bolivia supports the efficient use of water and energy in order to ensure nutrition, and for job creation and income generation. Up to now, more than 800 people have been trained as technicians e.g. in water committees. More than 7000 families benefit from small-scale irrigation projects and have doubled their crops.

The project is funded through the German-Dutch energy partnership and carried out by the Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) in close cooperation with the Bolivian energy and agricultural entities.

For its impact on improving livelihood of poor families in rural Bolivia, "Water for life and for production" was honoured together with other best energy efficiency and environmental projects from various other countries. The award ceremony took place in Prague’s Veletrzni Palac between 13 and 14 April under the auspices of the Czech Republic’s EU presidency. The Energy Globe Foundation awards annually the most successful and sustainable projects that aim at protecting resources.

Boris Ardaya from EnDev Bolivia receives the Award

Onions grow much better thanks to small irrigation
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