From the World LPG Gas Association:

"The event was attended by 130 delegates, including numerous media representatives from all over Africa and featured a keynote speech by the Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum, Mr Od ein Ajumogobia. The day and a half long event also included a press conference, a networking event and numerous meetings between WLPGA staff and local LP Gas industry stakeholders."

"The goal of the Africa summit was to raise awareness of common issues facing the LP Gas industry in both Nigeria and Africa and to demonstrate to all African LP Gas stakeholders the potential of LP Gas in Africa."

"The workshop provided an ideal venue for LP Gas industry representatives in Africa to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities facing the African LP Gas industry across the total LP Gas value chain (supply, storage, distribution, transportation and more)."

"Nigeria was specifically chosen as a venue because despite being the biggest producer of LP Gas in sub-Saharan Africa, it has one of the lowest yearly per capita consumption rates on the whole continent. This is set to change as new regulatory frameworks are encouraging more of the locally produced LP Gas to be consumed domestically rather than exported to other markets. These changes implicitly recognize that more widespread use of LP Gas in Nigeria will help the country attain its developmental goals while reducing pressing problems such as the negative health impacts of indoor and urban air pollution and deforestation. Participants from government, businesses and others learned and exchanged ideas on the social, economic and environmental benefits of LP Gas use in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole."

"This type of targeted workshop focused on exploring issues facing the LP Gas industry in specific regions or markets is a model that WLPGA hopes to repeat soon again in other parts of the world in the future. Most presentations are available below."

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