The next edition of Boiling Point is due for publication in mid 2009 and we are inviting readers to submit articles, papers and news. So if you feel that you have something to contribute to the wider household energy community, then please read the information below and send us your experiences - HEDON would love to hear from you!

Boiling Point looks for articles which are written in clear plain English, which have positive information and can be used by other people in their own work. Do not be deterred, however, if English is not your first language or if you are not used to writing - it is the information which is important - we will edit articles and return them for your approval.

Theme articles

Each edition of the journal typically contains 4 to 5 full length theme articles which can include research papers, programme reports etc that are relevant to the theme topic. Boiling Point 57 will focus on ‘Household Dynamics’:

In designing and implementing household energy projects, it is easy to assume that because an intervention is affordable and has been technically proven to yield benefits, it will be accepted by target beneficiaries. Experience however shows that the success of household interventions is mitigated by an array of complex factors. Issues that affect household energy and the responses of households to interventions include gender, migration (transient and permanent), income and social/livelihood security, cultural perceptions, livelihood strategies etc. Together these can be described as Household Dynamics and in this edition of Boiling Point we will be looking at how some of these factors can shape household energy interventions and responses.

General articles

In addition we welcome general/short articles, which can cover any topic and examples include project/programme updates, technical papers, book/report reviews, conference and workshop reports etc. Please note: Technology based articles should be focussed on the real life application of proven technologies. Each edition of the journal also contains a Toolkit and regular features such as a Case Study or Viewpoints (Opinion pieces and interviews) and if you are interested in contributing to one of these then please contact us on the address below.

Front Cover Photo Competition

HEDON are offering you another fantastic opportunity to get your best image onto the front cover of Boiling Point. We are looking for a full colour photograph for the front cover that illustrates the theme of BP57 - Household Dynamics

More specifically the photo must be: of good quality format and suitable for high resolution colour printing (A minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a higher quality file type i.e. not .bmp); sent to us in it's original format (not pasted into an MS Word file); credited to the correct person, with a caption if appropriate; owned by the person/organisation entering the competition; and preferably have a central focal point, a bold composition and rich colours.

The editor's decision is final and the selected photo will win absolutely nothing, apart from the admiration of our 2000+ subscribers and of course our thanks.

Guidelines and Submission Dates

The BP57 deadline for article submission and the front cover photo competition is Friday 15th May 2009. We acknowledge the time constraints with this deadline and will therefore be accepting articles and abstracts on a rolling basis, however, we must emphasis the need for submitting entries as soon as possible.

When submitting an article to Boiling Point authors should note the following instructions: Articles can be submitted digitally in a commonly used word processing format or via post on a disc or transcript; Articles should be no more than 1500 words in length; Illustrations, such as drawings, photographs, graphs and bar charts are essential and should follow the ‘Figure Formatting’ guidelines; All references should be provided in the format given in the ‘References’ guidelines. In addition articles should include a 100-200 word summary, a 50 word profile for each author and up to six keywords that you feel best describe your article.

Please read the more detailed author guidelines, doc file link available here (62 KB). Files can be emailed to the editor at boilingpoint at or posted to the address below.

The Boiling Point editorial team will review your submission and final article selection is based on article quality, originality and relevance. Thank you for your cooperation, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to clarify any of these issues.


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