"London, 20 April 2009 - J.P. Morgan Climate Care and the San Francisco based Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health and Development (CEIHD) announced today that they
have launched the first efficient cook-stove project to be registered by the Gold Standard Foundation. The project, located in Uganda, has the potential to reduce the country's output of CO2 by over one million tonnes."

"The efficient cook-stoves, financed by J.P. Morgan and built by the Ugandan company, Ugastove, burn fuel more efficiently, lower family expenditure, mitigate deforestation, curtail green-house gas emissions and help to reduce the exposure of families and cooks to dangerous air pollutants in smoke from indoor cooking. The Ugandan project also provides a concrete, replicable template for sustainable development to be combined with carbon reduction."

"Edward Hanrahan, head of voluntary sales at J.P. Morgan said: "The registration by the Gold Standard of the J.P. Morgan - CEIHD efficient cook-stoves project in Uganda is both a significant step for J.P. Morgan's pioneering environmental markets business and an important milestone in the development of carbon credit generating projects in developing countries. In Africa alone, future projects based on this template have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by more than one hundred million tonnes as well as delivering significant social and health benefits to millions of families.""

"Matt Evans, Business Development Director at CEIHD said, "The registration of the J.P. Morgan - CEIHD project in Uganda is a big step towards CEIHD's goal that all households worldwide have access to efficient technologies that improve lives while reducing greenhouse gas and black carbon emissions.""

"J.P. Morgan is funding a number of other efficient stove projects in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Mexico and South Africa. These projects are based on J.P. Morgan's pioneering carbon reduction 'Methodology for Improved Cook-Stoves and Kitchen Regimes' as endorsed by the Gold Standard Foundation last year. J.P. Morgan developed the methodology with the assistance of CEIHD to enable the carbon reductions generated by efficient cook-stoves to be real, measurable and accredited."

"J.P. Morgan and CEIHD expect to receive formal verification and quantification of the emission reductions arising from the Ugandan project later this year."

More Information on this project, Efficient Cooking with Ugastoves, GS ID number GS447, can be found in the Public Reports section of the Gold Standard Registry/Project Database and at: J P Morgan Climate Care

Recognition should also go to the ongoing technical assistance from GTZ, Aprovecho, CIRCODU (Center for Integrated Research and Community Development, Uganda), and Bryan Willson's group at Colorado State University, along with Berkeley Air Monitoring Group.

Landrover Ltd's concern and commitment to their integrated CO2 offset program, installing 20,000 efficient, locally-sourced stoves throughout Uganda every year, reduces charcoal by 30%, and decreases the rate of deforestation and carbon monoxide pollution.

Consequently, living conditions for women and children are improved and a sustainable local environment is created. This is just one effective project within Land Rover´s worldwide portfolio. More information on the work they do can be found here

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The Gold Standard Foundation is a non-profit foundation, based in Basel, Switzerland that offers a quality label to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI) and Voluntary Offset projects. The Gold Standard is endorsed by over 60 non-governmental organisations worldwide. Gold Standard projects are distinguished by a high level of rigour in certifying real and measurable green-house gas emission reductions which also demonstrate sustainable significant human development benefits (economic, local environmental and social). Gold Standard projects are highly preferred by a range of government and private actors. More information about the Gold Standard Foundation is available at: www.cdmgoldstandard.org

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Ugastove is a limited company based in Makindye, Kampala in Uganda which manufactures and sells improved charcoal stoves in Makindye and institutional stoves throughout Uganda. More information about Ugastove is available at: www.ugastove.com

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The Center For Entrepreneurship in International Health And Development (CEIHD) is a non profit organization that generates carbon emission reductions from household energy projects that improve living conditions in less-developed communities and leverages the financial returns to improve health and fight poverty worldwide. CEIHD has close ties to the School of Public Health the University of California, Berkeley. More information about CEIHD is available at: www.ceihd.org


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