As an Analyst within CarbonAided your duties will include assisting in the following areas:

1. Offset project development.
  • Preliminary Additionality Assessments on potential Project Activities;
  • Appraisal of CDM, JI and other offset projects,
  • Developing due diligence documentation necessary for offset projects to acquire third party verification and validation,
  • Interaction with project development partners, subcontractors and third party verifiers necessary to acquire all relevant data and information and to ensure that projects acquire necessary approvals.
  • Research into the development of CDM and other compliance mechanisms;
2. Carbon management advisory.
  • Developing proposals and material for carbon management advisory projects,
  • Developing carbon footprints/ carbon baselines for organisations and products,
  • Advising clients on ways in which they can reduce carbon emissions through behaviour change and technical solutions.
3. General administrative assistance (less than 10% of time).
  • Keeping track of, appraising and communicating carbon news to the team,
  • Writing sections of the website,
  • Managing interactions with some of CarbonAided’s suppliers e.g. lawyers, graphic designers, web designers,
  • Attending conferences, seminars and networking events,
  • Answering and responding to calls/ emails from prospective clients,
  • Review of CarbonAided mail as appropriate.

You will deliver work by working with staff employed by CarbonAided, subcontractors and independently.


For further information contact:
Dick Jones at CarbonAided
dickjones at