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Zambia News for March 09

Rocket barn field day held in Choma, Zambia, training and cooking demonstrations continues for Pulumusa stove producers and users.

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Malawi News for March 09

Clay stoves training and marketing options identified, Tea estates targeted for fixed household stoves, the Mulanje Renewable Energy Agency plans its first

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Mozambique News for March 09

BEST progresses in Mozambique, Negotiations with the POCA second producer comes to the final stage.

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Tanzania News for March 09

Draft biofuel guidelines submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, ProBEC stoves sold at National Solar day exhibitions in Zanzibar.

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ProBEC Monitoring and Evaluation

Surveys to collect data for M&E purposes are currently being undertaken in Zambia, Tanzania and Lesotho. The target is to interview a sample of 20% of overall users.

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