"Samuna Energy and Firewood Saving Stoves Clean Development Mechanism Stove Projects in combination as Corporate Social Responsibility Stove Projects PT.Samuna International Business is a Indonesian company and developer of CDM Projects in order to reduce CO2 Emissions based by the Kyoto Protocol and by the Regulations of UNFCCC."

"The Priority of PT.Samuna International Business are CDM-CSR Stove Projects in Indonesia and other development country’s to reduce CO2 Emissions by switching fossil Fuel to renewable Biomass Fuel and / or to reduce Firewood Fuel/Biomass using the Samuna Energy and Firewood Saving Stove as cooking equipment in the households of the poor. "

"The Samuna stove is made of stainless steel in all parts including pot and lid and is transportable. It has low emission smoke and is not affected by wind, using small sticks of wood or pellets of dry biomass from waste. It needs 250 to 300 gram small wood sticks to boil 6-7 ltr water."


  • Develop a pilot clean and renewable resource utilization project
  • Distribute Cook Stove to 30,000 peoples per project in Indonesia (pilot project in Tabanan, Bali) to replace kerosene stove
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Demonstrate utilization of biomass fuel as a sustainable way for thermal energy production
  • Monitor and collect data regarding the use of Cook Stove
  • Save people’s expenditures


Contact Person : Peter H. Mau ,
E-mail samunacdmprojects at gmail.com
samuna_wood at yahoo.co.id

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