"The Biomass Energy Foundation envisions the possibilities of clean, practical, renewable, sustainable, alternative fuels being realized, now. We envision widespread, environmentally friendly, convenient and responsible fuels progressively replacing dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and providing bio-friendly energy production for a strong, vibrant, sustainable global economy. "

"The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF) website, here since 1997. We are interested and knowledgeable about all aspects of biomass energy, but particularly in high temperature conversion and gasification that can produce heat, power and fuels, as oil prices escalate. This site (www.woodgas.com) was developed by Dr. Tom Reed, a well-known scientist. Dr. Reed has served as a professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and at the Colorado School of Mines. His career also includes research work with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) in Golden, Colorado."

"The World has been developing "Alternative Energy" - Solar, Wind, Geothermal etc. for 35 years since the first oil embargo. While these have niche applications, they are not fuels. They are intermittent, costly and unlikely to replace more than 10% of our current fossil fuel needs."

"Alternative Energy Sources are a RED HERRING tolerated to divert our attention from our real needs. Oil is a fuel and its products can be used anywhere, anytime. The era of "cheap oil" is over and now we need to find ALTERNATIVE FUELS (not alternative energy)."

"Oil prices are rising and availability falling. I expect prices to at least double every 5 years. This will make a profound difference to our Civilization. Our Earth would be far beyond its carrying capacity for Humans if it weren't for cheap oil. We hear a lot about substituting "alternate energy". We aren't running out of energy - we are running out of "cheap oil", and need to find an "alternate fuel source"..."

"Our green earth is already covered with plants and trees busily converting sunlight to biomass products and fuel. All we need to do is learn how to use the fuel fraction, mostly wasted today. See our page on Biomass Energy for details."

"While we have deplored the "hydrogen economy" as a red herring for practical energy, the WoodGas made by well known technology has a high concentration of hydrogen and is VERY clean burning. So, we have been using and promoting "hydrogen rich gas" as an alternate name for the "producer gas" made from wood and coal. We are now also involved in reforming liquid fuels to a hydrogen rich gas."

"Dr. Reed now works out of several private labs, also located in Golden, which operate in part under the name of "The Biomass Energy Foundation." We have a separate website for the Foundation http://www.biomassenergyfoundation.org/ , which describes our current research projects and accepts financial support through memberships. We hope you will visit that site as well, and consider becoming a member!"

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