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Zambia News for Feb 09

Tobacco barns taking off in Zambia

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Malawi News for Feb 09

ProBEC Malawi collaborates with new partner organisation and small-holder tea growers association with Fair Trade endorsement, The Mulanje Renewable Energy Agency takes further shape.

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Mozambique News for Feb 09

Mozambique's rural programme expands and POCA stove second producer on the way

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Tanzania News for Feb 09

ProBEC Tanzania had its tobacco barns stakeholders' meeting, NationalSolar Day exhibitions held in Zanzibar

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Lesotho News Feb 09

Orphanage gets more than stoves from ProBEC

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ProBEC regional office news

ProBEC is a finalist in the Ashden Awards, programme manager attended Ethos Conference, ProBEC orders 'Chinese' mass-produced rocket stove for testing.

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