"Low production cost, high efficiency heating and cooking, the stove was developed by REDI (Renewable Energy Development Institute), based in Geneva. This Stove will heat a room of 60m³ and cook for up to 20 persons at the same time. Cooking pots of 15L placed in the combustion chamber inside or on the top of the heating plate.
- Brings 5L of water from 2°C to boiling after 15min, cooking pot placed on top of the stove."

"Possible to manufacture in most countries. Cooking pot depending on the local production capacities (special shape to fit in the cooker)."

Stove Specifications

Stove, firewood, 'REDI CAL C2', + cook.pot

Stove specifications


NB: Welcome to quote alternative stoves that meet the same standards.


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  • SPARE PARTS & CONSUMABLES: send a list of the suggested spare parts & consumables for 2 years (if any to be suggested beside the requested ones)
  • DELIVERY TERMS: they should be indicated clearly.
  • QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, 9002, TUV, IEC - CE - or others (please send a copy) both for your company, and for the offered items when available
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