"The overall objective of the program is to reduce the amount of Charcoal used for cooking through the dissemination of improved stoves in Kigali City and other Towns of our country."

"The program will make a significant contribution towards the goals of VISION 2020 aiming at the reduction of wood fuels consumption from 94% to 50% of the national energy consumption. For this to happen the firm will make an intensive training of improved stoves makers in the construction of stoves with appropriate dimensions and characteristics."

"It is expected that at least a year program is needed to increase the coverage of Improved Cook Stoves in Kigali City and other Towns of our country from 50% to 80% of households by 2012. One firm will be selected to provide all services needed and a one year contract will be issued, with a possibility of extension. The immediate objective of this assignment is to formulate and implement at a large-scale a three years program to disseminate improved cook stoves in urban areas in Rwanda."

Scope of Work

Implementation methodology, activities and log frame of work are described in the terms of reference available on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure: www.mininfra.gov.rw or in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Kigali International Airport Boulevard, Kacyiru.
P.O .Box 24 Kigali, Tel (00250) 585860, during the working hours.

Qualification of Consultant

A consultant firm will be contracted to carry out the assignment as described in the terms of reference, the successful firm alone or in partnership should be able to provide the following expertise with required qualifications:

  • A team leader with skills in biomass energy technology and conservation including improved cook stoves technology transfer and training of producers and end users.
  • The consultant will give inputs in the following areas:
  • Improved cook stoves technologies including kilns and spindle technologies that low costs on production systems.
  • Training of manufacturers for improving their products and introducing new models.
  • Support marketing and promotion with focus on low cost products dissemination.
  • Support the formulation and setting up of a subsidy scheme to boost market
  • The consultant firm will work with national staff, comprising people with good command of Kinyarwanda to ensure effective communication with various groups in market development, training, promotion and awareness creation.

Scheduled start date

The assignment is scheduled to start on 1st April 2009.

Deadline of Submission

Consultants who are interested shall submit their technical and financials proposals no later than Tuesday 10 March 2009 before 9h00 am to:

The Ministry of Infrastructure,
Kigali International Airport Boulevard,
P.O .Box 24 Kigali,
Tel (00250) 585860.


The contact details are:
Ministry of Infrastructure
P.O Box : 24 KIGALI
TEL: (250) 585638
FAX: (250) 585755

Further details

Ministry of Infrastructure website

See the tender requirements here in full here in full