In Kabul, Afganistan substandard fuel is the reason for the rising air pollution levels.In the absence of electricity and gas, most people use any fuel they can lay their hands on (plastic, wood, rags) for heating, cooking and other purposes which adversely impact air quality.The result of all this smog is seen in hospitals across Kabul. Doctors say residents flock to them with lung and heart ailments as well as cancers. To read this article click here

While in Hong Kong,the rising air pollution levels can be attributed to emissions from the southern Chinese factory belt over Hong Kong's northern border have combined with local emissions from power plants and transport to park a thick haze over the city for large parts of the year. The Hedley Environmental Index, a website created by professors at Hong Kong University and think tank Civic Exchange, said levels of breathable particles in some areas were 10 times recommended annual WHO levels on 23rd January,2009. To read this articleclick here