"From funding opportunities, to product and service lists, from online debates to the latest news of Partner activities, the site is there to serve you."

"As one of our main activity areas, we understand the importance of access to information, whether it be a toolkit on setting up your own business, or the latest news on planting jatropha. The quality and extent of the information available is hugely dependent upon Partners posting details of their activities, services they offer, engaging in discussions on cutting edge topics.... So please make as much use of it as possible, and let us know of any ways in which you think we can improve it (there is a feedback link on the site). A connected global network of Partners will be a real weapon in tackling energy poverty."

"To register on the new website, please go to http://new.gvepinternational.org, where you will be asked to enter your details."

"We will continue to develop the website, and it will grow with your input, and as we roll out new services. So do please let us know if you have any ideas, or if there is any other information you would it to provide!"

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