"The Nepal Trust was founded in 1993 by Scottish businessman and ex British-Indian Army Major, Alan Jacobsen, who had served alongside Nepalese Ghurkas in WWII. "

"A registered Scottish charity and Nepalese NGO, the trust has offices in Lossiemouth, Scotland; and in Simikot and Kathmandu, Nepal."

"We work in one of the most impoverished and remote areas of human habitation in the world, the upper Karnali river zone of North-West Nepal."

"We are a grassroots, cost-effective organisation, dedicated to supporting the Nepalese people by working with them on sustainable community development projects in the areas of health, education, renewable energy, eco-tourism and heritage preservation."

"The trust emphasises local participation and recognises the local people as the ultimate custodians of their communities."

"The Nepal Trust could not continue without the many individuals and partner organisations around the world who have supported our work over the years. We would like to thank and acknowledge those supporters in the following links."

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"Hopefully you understand that we are committed to providing realistic long term solutions in partnership with the communities of Humla, and you share our belief that successful development has to be more than emergency handouts, and driving round in expensive 4x4s."

"We believe we are the only effective NGO operating in Humla today. That means that we are possibly the only hope for some of the poorest people in the world. But we can only reach them through the generosity of our supporters, and you can help. Click on the links below to see how:"


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