31st January 2009 & 1st February 2009


Day 1 (Saturday the 31st) Theory: Calle Valladolid No. 35, Col. Roma, entre Calle Puebla y Sinaloa. Tel. 5525-4071.

Day 2 Installation: Tlacotalpan 8, Col. Roma Sur, etc ETC Tels. (55) 50250056 / 35470221

Course Format

This course will cover the fundamentals of solar energy with solar panels with an emphasis in urban installations where the electric energy grid is available. Ideal for contractors, vendors, students, professionals or homeowners that would like to learn what options are currently available in Mexico for using solar energy. During the course we will install a grid-tie solar system on an office building in Mexico City and cover the basic aspects of this promising technology. We will also cover economic considerations and purchasing options to generate electricity on your own roof.

The course will include:
  • Basic Priciples of Solar Energy
  • Basic Electrical Concepts
  • All the major components of a PV electrical system
  • General design considerations for PV systems
  • Economic Aspects
  • Hands-on installation of a grid tied system

At the end of the course there will be equipment and installation available through Adler Ecología y Diseño, the primary sponsor of the course.

Course Fee

$2,200 MN + IVA with discounts available for students

Contact Details

For more information please contact IRRI-Mexico at: Info at irrimexico.org

For further details on the course and to view the website click here