"This project came about when Manda Chisanga was voted “top travel guide” in a competition run by UK based magazine Wanderlust. Manda is a guide in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, one of Africa’s most pristine environments. He saw on a daily basis what a hardship it was for people to collect firewood and saw the damage caused to the environment. Manda knew what to do with his prize money."

"Manda had heard about solar cookers from guests to the park. He felt that these cookers could be the solution to the villagers never ending search for firewood. Women in the area were walking up to 11 kms or 3 hours a day to collect wood. Being situated on the edge of the National Park brought about its own set of unique problems - encounters with wild animals, especially elephants."

"Up to 10 people a year are killed and many others injured by elephants. Through a mutual contact, Manda contacted Crosby Menzies of Sunfire Solutions in South Africa. In March this year Crosby went up to Zambia with 5 solar cookers. On arrival in Mfuwe, Crosby went with Manda to meet the local Chief. The project was explained and the Chief gave his blessing. The Chief was presented with a cooker for his family’s use.Crosby was on hand at the village to help with the assembly of the cookers. The villagers had concerns that ranged from “is it Magic?” to “will the food taste good?” Once the cookers were operational everyone was impressed by the taste and happy with the time saving.This project highlights how solar cooking can change lives, whilst protecting the environment. Unfortunately the people who benefit the most from this technology are the least able to afford it. Help is needed in financing more projects like this. Putting in place 5 solar cookers can make an enormous difference to these peoples’ lives."
Mfuwe Solar Cooker Project - Part One
Mfuwe Solar Cooker Project - Part Two


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