"Latest Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) of Sri Lanka, 2007 indicates that the firewood use as the main cooking fuel is continued to be high. However inter-district variation can be highlighted as it range from 32.5% in Colombo district to 95% Monaragala district. . Previous DHS conducted 7 years back, indicated the use of firewood as the principal cooking fuel is 80%. The poverty head count index in year 2002 was 22.7 and it has improved to 15.2 by 2007. DHS indicates availability of electricity in households was 68.2% in year 2000 and it has increased up to 80.1% by year 2007. Reduction in poverty and availability of cleaner fuels itself does not reduced the use of biomass fuels and many other factors may play an important role. Exploration of indoor air pollution levels in Sri Lankan households, quantification health effects results from indoor air pollution and introduction of improved stoves can be rationalized with latest survey findings."

Dr. Sumal Nandasena
Department of Public Health,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka

sumalnandasena at gmail.com