Edition 56 is due for publication shortly and we are looking for a full colour front cover photo *illustrating Liquid Fuels and Household Energy* (including paraffin, LPG and Biofuels). You can read more about the theme here

The competition deadline is Friday 12th December

More specifically the photo must be:

1) of good quality format (A minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a higher quality file type i.e. not .bmp) and suitable for high resolution colour printing

2) sent to us in its original format (not pasted into an MS word file)

3) credited to the correct person, with a caption if appropriate

4) owned by the person/organisation entering the competition

5) and preferably have a central focal point, a bold composition and rich colours.

Please email all files to the editor at boilingpoint at hedon.info no later than Friday 12th December.

For those on a slow internet link - if necessary please initially send your photo in a lower resolution/file size and then, if shortlisted, we'll ask you to send the full version.

The winners of the last competition were the Gaia Association and their photo was sent to over 1850 addresses worldwide (48% Africa, 29% Asia) in addition to the 250 sent to our sponsors, and a digital version went to over 330 online subscribers. You can view the front cover photo here

The editor's decision is final and the selected photo will win absolutely nothing, apart from the admiration of our 2000+ subscribers and of course our thanks.


The Boiling Point team