Darwin O’Ryan Curtis, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board writes about the work they do in the autumn issue SHE newsletter and the support and funding they require.

"Most of our operations to date have been initiated by us. We have sought out NGOs conducting community development programs in developing countries and persuaded them to add a solar cooking component to their programs. Then, we have participated in the arrangements for shipping the equipment, organizing micro-financing and executing the training. Sometimes we have subsidized solar cookers to make them affordable.

Our collaboration with the Spanish NGO Acciónatura, reported here, was different. In that case, our role was limited to the organization and execution of a training program which is our forte. We hope and expect that, as the potential of solar cooking gains credence, this will become our more usual model of operation.

The speed of our progress is now solely dependent on the degree of funding we can acquire. Your support is a very important element of our success. Thank you!"

Read the Solar Household Energy Fall 2008 Newsletter here in full