What we do

"My name is Martin Brink, I am a visionary and supporter of Fair Trade, Not Aid! I am in the business of creating wealth for those that do business with and for me, uplifting the community in various forms – education where necessary, financially through Business Empowerment and through simple Job Creation opportunities.

We also provide a means for the caring person to get materials destined for Community Upliftment, like toys, old clothes, unwanted yet useable furniture etc into the disadvantaged areas.

Once we accessed funding, we intend to supply other educational facilities access to our work force to provide education on HIV Aids, Shack Fire Fighting Principles and Financial Guidance in safe and secure surroundings, thereby making it easy, and safe, to reach and uplift the grass roots society so often overlooked by mainstream society.

Each 8 000 collection points provides work for 36 people.

Future projects

Our next project creates additional funds for schools and other Community Service Projects by collecting materials from the venues and paying them 25% of the value of the recyclable materials. The project which we are about to launch and I am asking for advice on, replaces paraffin, wood and electricity as sources of inexpensive cooking and warming materials. South Africa is about to experience another bout of electrical shortages, so this project will service all sectors of the community.

As we already generate paper and cardboard as a result of our collections, we are able to either reduce or remove totally the need for wood and paraffin on which to cook amongst the disadvantaged communities.

As we are focused on the twin principles of Waste Minimization and Job Creation, we are about to embark on a trial project, which is intended to remove recyclable materials from the disadvantaged communities and create jobs, both long and short term. The concept requires a Community Collection point, which we will supply with briquette making equipment and materials, a scale; bus tickets and a small float.

The Collection Point can then buy the collected materials from within the Community either by:
  • Exchanging a certain weight with a return bus ticket, which will allow the person to leave the disadvantaged community to go look for work and return safely in the evening·
  • Exchanging materials for briquettes
  • Exchange the materials for money.

In addition, we intend to set up mini briquette making factories in the disadvantaged areas, who will make briquettes to sell to the middle and upper income levels instead of wood, paraffin or electricity, all of which will be in short supply in the coming winter, as Eskom has already warned.

As you can see from above, this is a project with far reaching potential!

Any offers of advice or funding towards successful implementation of the project would be appreciated highly.

We know people have started these projects before and they have failed, but because we are doing things a little differently than most, we believe we can make a success thereof.

Contact us

You can contact us either through the website www.mrrecycle.co.za or through mrrecycle at gmail.com.

My cell (mobile) is +27 74 1927 516, South Africa

Thank you."

Martin Brink
Mr Recycle