The “Light-up Rural Africa” Project, which was designed by IN-SHP to promote SHP development in African rural areas, has been officially kicked off at the 3rd Hydropower Forum. The main feature of LURA is to install about 100 PICO hydro units in remote rural areas to demonstrate how micro-hydro can contribute to tackle poverty. Equipment for the installation of the 100 units can be provided by IN-SHP.

The project main feature is the construction of 100 pico-hydropower stations (<10 kW) between August 2007 and August 2009. Partial funding of the project is already in process between IN-SHP and the
Chinese Government. The funds will cover the provision of the necessary equipment and to be cleared there is the need to have the project sites identified and submit a description of the single unit developments. Therefore the first intent is to identify suitable project sites with the local partners. Additionally, local
partners should be able to contribute in the fundraising for and the organization of construction works (excluding equipment) and training.

By December 2007 IN-SHP plans to have identified the sites and will start implementation (project design, equipment donation, construction and training) thereafter.

Field missions

IN-SHP plans 2 missions in Africa for site selection by the end of 2007; other visits for installation and evaluation will be scheduled according to this first phase (site selection) outcome.

Current status

At current stage, IN-SHP is collecting site information from applicants. For more information and applications, please contact Daligault Julien at

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