Zambia: Household Energy Sector Governace

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A Household Energy Demand and Use
B Household Energy Supply
C Household Energy Sector Governace
D Household Energy Information

D.1 introduction

In 1998, a census was commissioned on household energy use. However, the results from this census have not yet been officially published.

D.2 Availability and quality of information on the household energy sector

Data is available, but is widely dispersed. There is a lot of information on the most common fuels for which money is paid, such as charcoal and electricity. It is more difficult to find information on coal or LPG, which are less common, or for fuels which are gathered, such as wood, dung and agri-residues

D.3 Responsibility for collection of household energy information

The Ministry of Energy and Water Development Central Statistical Office collected the 2000 Census data, including data on household cooking and lighting energy.

D.4 Summary and conclusions

It is easy to find information on common fuels on which money is paid but it is very difficult to find information on gathered fuels like firewood, cow dung and agri-residue. Results of the census undertaken by the Central Statistical Office are not released in time and as a result the information available is normally outdated.

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