Boiling Point 'Building Inclusive Energy Markets' in partnership with Guest Editors: Shell Foundation is the global practioners' journal's 65th issue. Articles are available online below and the full issue will shortly be available in full PDF form and in hard copy. This issue has brought together a wealth of expert knowledge and opinion on energy markets with the hard work and valuable contributions from several authors, peer reviewers and editors.

Editorial Board:
Karima Hirji, Richard Gomes, Grant Ballard-Tremeer, Luc Severi,Andrew Barnett, Raffaella Bellanca, Karabi Dutta, Dick Jones, Kavita Rai, Sophia-Rose Chatir

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Table of Contents

Theme Articles

Accelerating Access to Energy: Lessons learnt from efforts to build inclusive energy markets in developing countries

Authors: karima@hedon.info Richard Gomes

Illuminating market systems development in fragile environments: A case study of the alternative energy market in Timor Leste

Authors: David Nicholson, Emma Proud

Innovation and Universal Energy Access

Authors: simon.collings@gvepinternational.org

Shell Foundation’s theory of change and lessons learnt: Commentary by Grant Ballard-Tremeer

Authors: grant@ecoharmony.com

Building energy access markets: A value chain analysis of key energy market systems

Authors: ewan.bloomfield@practicalaction.org.uk louise.waters@practicalaction.org.uk Michael Franz

Rural household lighting markets: Driving the energy ‘trilemma’ to an end!

Authors: Abdel Karim Traore

General Articles

Household scale peanut shell briquette production

Authors: Jessica Tryner, Jess W.Everett, Hong Zhang

Predicting sustained use of improved charcoal stoves in Haiti

Authors: Olivier D. C. Lefebvre, Li Wang

News Section

Global Household Energy News


Shell Foundation News


GIZ News

Authors: Caspar Priesemann, Monika Rammelt


Interview with Rogério Carneiro de Miranda

Authors: Rogério Carneiro de Miranda

Interview with Radha Muthiah, Chief Executive Officer, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Authors: Radha Muthiah


Framework to assess the sustainability of cooking energy interventions in project areas

Authors: caspar.priesemann@giz.de

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