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Issue 43

Fuel options for household energy


This issue looks at available fuel sources, and the social, environmental, economic and technical benefits and constraints of individual fuels. The way in which several fuels and technologies may be used by one household is also examined.

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Table of Contents


Household energy - Choices for the new Millennium

Authors: Liz Bates
For countless thousands of people, household fuel will inevitably mean biomass residues or dung, as there is nothing else available. Even where these fuels are used, people will find ways of... [more]

A compressing machine for briquetting biomass waste into usable fuel

Authors: Ramamurthy Shanmugam K. Marimuthu, S. Arumugam, E. Savarimuthu

Theme Articles

A new clean household fuel for developing countries

Authors: Bengt Ebbeson
Natural gas is a clean-burning, efficient fuel for household energy, but it is unlikely that it will ever reach every home worldwide. However, it is possible to bring a modified liquid form of... [more]

Fuel options for household energy in Northwest Bengal, India

Authors: Bharati Joshi Prodyut Bhattacharya, Bikash Chandra Saha Roy
This article is the offshoot of an RWEDP/FAO sponsored case study entitled 'Forest and displaced people: fuelwood collection and trade as a first step survival strategy' undertaken by the Indian... [more]

The Fulgora sawdust burning stove

Authors: Harold Bland
This is a brief article based on personal experience of using sawdust waste to heat a workshop. The Fulgora was a patented sawdust burner commercially produced in Battersea, London (patent No... [more]

Kerosene as a cooking fuel: What are the prospects?

Authors: Smail Khennas
It is now widely acknowledged that in many developing countries, the long term sustainability of natural forests is threatened not only by the current level of biomass energy consumption but also... [more]

Indonesian sun-cooking: A social perspective

Authors: Peter D'Sena
Technological innovation is not always welcomed by everyone. I had known this, from my work as a historian, looking at the first period of industrialisation in England two hundred years ago and... [more]

Small wind generators for battery charging in Peru and Sri Lanka

Authors: Simon Dunnett
The Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) have developed a small wind generator (SWG) intended primarily for battery charging in Peru and Sri Lanka. The project is funded mainly by the... [more]

Small wind generators - Their impact on people

Authors: Nigel Scott Simon Batchelor
Over 130000 stand alone, small wind generators (mostly 100W) are used by pastoralist people in northern China. The lifestyle of these people has changed significantly over the last couple of... [more]

A Compressing Machine For Briquetting Biomass Waste Into Usable Fuel

Authors: K. Marimuthu, S. Arumugam, S. Ramamurthy, E. Savarimuthu
Biomass is available in plenty as waste from certain industries such as saw mills, the coir industry and rice mills, and also in villages as agro-residues. But the utilization of these biomass... [more]

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