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Issue 53

Technologies that really work


The theme of this edition is "Technologies that really work" and we are pleased to welcome Crispin Pemberton-Pigott as theme editor. Crispin is well known to many Boiling Point readers and has worked in the fi eld of stoves for over 25 years. His editorial discusses changes that have happened within the household energy sector over the years and looks at what the future challenges could be.

This edition covers a range of energy technologies and looks at what has made them successful and used by people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There is also a discussion around the issues needed to make a technology successful including the social, economic, marketing, environmental and political factors.

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Table of Contents


The Biogas Programme in Vietnam

Authors: Bastiaan Teune Bastiaan Teune
It is widely recognized that access to energy services has strong linkages with development. Most rural households in developing countries are forced to draw on traditional biomass materials -... [more]

Theme Editorial: Taking Science to Hearth

Authors: Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

General Article

Good technologies...but do they really work?

Authors: Elizabeth Bates
There is a property that is common to every successful technology, which is that people use it. Although this seems obvious, one has only to look around to find the world littered with... [more]

Rocket mud stoves in Kenya

Authors: Anna Ingwe

Green Power - Lighting up Rural India

Authors: Devyani Hari
The following article discusses the use of solar home systems/lanterns that have been successfully employed in India and have displaced carbon emitting fuels such as kerosene and diesel. All... [more]

Pico hydro for cost-effective lighting

Authors: Arthur Williams
In communities with no access to electricity, lighting is provided by kerosene lamps, torches or candles, all of which give poor quality light at relatively high cost. Lighting is usually the... [more]

Biomass Gasifier Systems for Thermal Applications

Authors: Debajit Palit, Sanjay Mande
Biomass fuels continue to play an important role both in the domestic and industrial sector in India, as it is an agricultural-based economy. Biomass is the main source of energy for a large[more]

What's cooking on the solar cooker front?

Authors: Marlett Balmer
The sixth International Solar Cooker Conference was held in Granada, Spain, 11 - 16 July 2006 and attended by 200 delegates from 38 countries. The conference not only brought together project... [more]

Getting Technologies to the market – the case of the Rocket Stove in Malawi

Authors: Christa Roth, Andreas Michel, Dr. Christoph Messinger
A survey conducted in 2003 in Malawi revealed that the majority of institutional cooking was done with firewood using ineffi cient technologies, including open fires (Figures 1 & 2). The... [more]

SODIS – Solar Water Disinfection

Authors: Christina Aristanti
The lack of clean drinking water for some 1.1 billion people in this world has dramatic consequences: approximately 4 billion cases of diarrhoea are reported annually, of which 2.5 million end in... [more]

A story of improving cooking stoves in a Dogon village

Authors: Peeyush Sekhsaria


Authors: Paul S. Anderson, Thomas B. Reed, Paul W. Wever
Every successful cookstove project must address the four essential components: fuels for the heat, combustion to obtain the heat, applications of the heat, and human factors such as costs, cooking... [more]

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