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Mayon Turbo Stove (MTS 6500; MTS 7000)


Location, continent:
Location, country:

Location, specifics: Njawara

Stove information

Model: Improved
Application: Households
Type of stove: Portable
Fuel: Agri residue
Rice husk
Saw dust
Utensils: pots, pans, etc.


Materials: Metal
Dimensions: 165 mm or 178 mm diameter
Designer: REAP-Canada
Construction method: Standard metal fabrication is used to construct the Mayon Turbo Stove. Two models are available. The original MTS-7000 model (having a 7-inch diameter fuelbed) appears best suited to larger households (10 or more members) or small commercial applications and the smaller model of stove the MTS 6500 (having a 6.5 inch diameter fuelbed) has also been developed.


Availability: Commercially available
Distributors: Distributer: Currently there are two main distributors in Gambia and Senegal: 1. Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC), Njawara Village, North Bank Division, The Gambia.
2. Association pour la promotion de la femme Sénégalaise (APROFES), Kaolack, Senegal

Price in US$: 17$ 2009
Start date: Sat 01 of Jan., 2005
Project/Program or commercial distribution: REAP-Canada currently has a stove project running in Gambia and Senegal to introduce the Mayon Turbo Stoves into several communities. The stove was designed in 2001 and has been operational in Gambia since 2005. The stove feedback has been positive, and some modifications have been made to accommodate particular residues for fuel use. The stoves are still in use, and the programme is currently ramping up production.

Number of stoves sold or distributed: 500


Efficiency testing method and who did it: The efficiency test was performed by Aprovecho: Please see URL.

Efficiency: 26%
Power rating of the stove in KW: 2.9kW
Turn down ratio: 1
Emission testing method and who did it: The emissions test was performed by Aprovecho: Please see URL:

Emissions: CO:7.9

Contact details

Address: Roger Samson, Executive Director, REAP-Canada


Notes: The models serve the following number of people:
MTS 6500: 4-6 people; MTS 7000: 6-12 people



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