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San Carlos Stove (Uling Dalikan)


Location, continent:
Location, country:

Location, specifics: Pangasinan, Manaoag

Stove information

Stove ID: PHI1hc
Model: Traditional
Application: Commercial
Type of stove: Portable
Fuel: Charcoal


Materials: Baked clay
Dimensions: 1 230 (10 inches high)
Construction method: Device makers: Potters (women, men)
Construction method: Pottery with or without wheel, fired in open fires or kilns.


Availability: Traditionally made
Distributors: Traditional markets; This type of stove is generally common in different sizes and shapes. Clay stoves are generally common in regions where clay of good quality is available and pottery is part of local tradition and crafts.

Price in US$: 25 (1994: 1 US$: 26.5 P)
Start date: Sat 01 of Jan., 1994
Number of stoves sold or distributed: 100000


Efficiency: (lab. tests): Wood: 13 - 20%, charcoal: 19 - 27%
Turn down ratio: 4

Contact details

Address: AGTALON, Mr Hil Padilla,
Nalsia, Manaoag,
Pangasinan 2430,


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