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Anila Stove


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Model: Improved
Application: Households
Type of stove: Portable
Produces biochar
Fuel: Agri residue
Utensils: All types of utensils


Materials: Metal
Designer: U.N. Ravikumar, an environmentalist and engineer
Construction method: Anila-type stoves use two concentric cylinders of different diameters. Biomass fuel is placed between the two cylinders and a fire is ignited in the center. Heat from the central fire pyrolyzes the concentric ring of fuel. The gasses escape to the center where they add to the cooking flame as the ring of biomass turns to char.


Availability: Under development
Start date: Thu 12 of Aug., 2010
Project/Program or commercial distribution: The modern Anila stove was developed by U.N. Ravikumar, an environmentalist and engineer with the Director of the Centre for Appropriate Rural Technologies (CART) at India’s National Institute of Engineering.Mysore, India


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