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Sampada Gasifier Stove


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Stove information

Model: Improved
Application: Households
Type of stove: Gasifier
Produces biochar
Fuel: Branches
Number of people served: 6
Utensils: cooking pots, girdle, frying pans


Materials: Metal
Dimensions: 240 x365
Designer: Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)
Construction method: This is a factory produced stove. The Manufacturing requires steel fabrication machinery.


Availability: Commercially available
Distributors: The sole worldwide distributor is:
Samuchit Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd
6, Ekta Park Co-op Hsg Soc,
Behind Nirmitee Showroom, Law College Road,
Pune 411 004, India.
Telefax: 91 20 25460138

Price in US$: 26$ 2009
Start date: Thu 01 of Jan., 2004
Project/Program or commercial distribution: Dissemination is primarily through direct sale to customers in exhibitions and weekly markets. About 300 units sold so far, but over the years, the stove has undergone design improvements based on user feedback. No data is available on how many stoves are in use.

Number of stoves sold or distributed: 300


Efficiency testing method and who did it: Thermal Efficiency Test performed at Appropriate Rural Technology Institute

Efficiency: 20%
Fuel consumption in g/l: 1000-2000g (depending on type of cooking)
Duration of cooking session: 2.5 lit, 15 min
Emission testing method and who did it: CO emissions measured at D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune, India.

Emissions: CO: 10 ppm

Contact details

Contact person: Priyadarshini Karve
Organization email:


Notes: Sampada is a natural draft gasifier which produces charcoal as a bye product. For every kg of wood burned, it is possible to get cooking energy for about 30 min with about 200 gm of charcoal left behind. The charcoal can be used as fuel in a charcoal burning stove or can also be used as biochar for addition to the soil for carbon sequestration and soil fertility improvement.


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