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1G Toucan TLUD for Biochar Production


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Stove information

Model: Improved
Application: Households
Type of stove: Gasifier
Produces biochar
Fuel: Wood


Materials: Metal
Designer: Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE, Alterna Biocarbon Inc
Construction method: The “1G Toucan” is one of the smallest and simplest TLUDs to make. It is made from two tin cans (hence the nickname “Toucan” – the large-beaked tropical bird that is used as the unifying nickname of the author’s TLUD designs). The “1G” designates that the main can is a clean empty one gallon paint can, available new for under $5 at many hardware or paint-supply stores. For a 1G Toucan loaded with wood pellets, the wood pyrolysis (char-making) phase takes between 45 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on the height of the chimney.


Availability: Under development
Start date: Fri 01 of Jan., 2010


Contact details

Organization email:
Address: The head office of Alterna Biocarbon in Prince George, BC, is also the location of the head office of All-Wood Fibre, owned by the same principals as Alterna Biocarbon.

Alterna Biocarbon – Head Office

  1. 102 3645 – 18th Avenue
Prince George, BC
V2N 1A8
Phone: 1-250-649-2460 (Country Code 1)




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