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Turbo wood-gas stove

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Stove information

Model: Improved
Application: Commercial
Type of stove: Gasifier
Produces biochar
Fuel: Agri residue
Dung cakes


Materials: Metal
Designer: Thomas Reed
Construction method: It consists of an inverted down-draught gasifier plus a burner to mix the air and gas and burn cleanly. It uses a 3W blower to generate about 0.7 mm wg pressure, equivalent to the draught available from a 10m chimney.

The stove can be started and operated indoors with no exhaust fans and no odour of burning wood. We have taken the stove to India and the Philippines and demonstrated the turbo stove in small villages and on NGO desks. There was a great deal of interest.

The laboratory model of the stove was made from two scrap metal cans, but stoves can easily be constructed from a wide variety of materials by local craftsmen. While currently it uses a 12V, 3W blower, the power could come from bellows, wind-up generators, photovoltaic cells etc.


Availability: Under development
Start date: Wed 17 of Nov., 2010


Efficiency testing method and who did it: 500 ml of water was place on the pot supports, A thermocouple was inserted 7 cm below the top of the bed. The water boiled in 145 seconds. The fuel-holder was immediately removed from the burner chamber and sealed to exclude the air. The resulting charcoal weighed 37.7 g, a yield of 24.5%. The water which had not boiled away was measured at 299 ml, so 201 ml boiled away.

Emission testing method and who did it: Wood-gas stoves have low emissions compared to wood stoves and can be operated indoors with no smell. In the experiment above, a Nighthawk CO meter was mounted 38 cm directly over the top of the burner and over the pot. It registered about 60 ppm carbon monoxide (CO) during the run, but the average CO in the room was probably less than 10 ppm CO. More work on measuring and improving emissions needs to be done.

Emissions: CO: 10 ppm

Contact details

Address: Thomas B. Reed

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