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Biomass Based Electricity Production: TANWAT Case Study, Tanzania

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TANWAT was founded in 1949, when the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) took responsibility for a forest development project set up two years earlier by the Forest, Land Timber and Railways Company, located in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania with 15,000 hectares of private forest business.

Production of tannin from wattle was the major source of revenue for the business until late 1960's when a decline in demand for leather goods, brought about by availability of cheaper synthetic alternatives. This resulted in an initiative aimed at exploring new global forestry product opportunities, reducing reliance on tannin products and creating prospects for increased revenue on a long-term basis. The Tanganyika Wattle Company is a fully owned subsidiary of CDC capital fund.

Organization: Commonwealth Development Corporation
Location, continent: Africa
Location, country: Tanzania
Status: Ongoing

Contact details

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Main funding organization: Commonwealth Development Corporation


Further information

Sector: International development
Technology: Biofuels
Keywords Biofuels   Electircity   Tanzania   

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