by Sandro Pampallona, Paola Bollini

Issue: 64

Journal section: Theme Articles
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Received: 2014-12-20

Accepted: 2014-12-20


Two villages of the Banjara tribal community, in rural Andhra Pradesh, India, have joined efforts to embark on a common project of experimental learning and action-oriented research, supported and technically assisted by forMed. A prototype of a stove has been developed locally and tested in all 60 households of the two villages, where families had not left for temporary migration, demonstrating a reduction in consumption of wood of 40% against the traditional three-stone fire. This step has been instrumental to determine true and widespread ownership of the concept of cleaner cooking. Fifteen villages have now joined the programme and aim at the self-production of ICS.This project illustrates a successful uptake of ICS when the barriers of weak community participation is addressed from the outset.

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Tags: Improved    cookstoves;    India;    Participatory    methods;    Comparative    study;    Wood    consumption   

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