Case Study: Response by Milkyas Debebe and Wubshet Tadele of Gaia Association

by Milkyas Debebe, Wubshet Tadele Tsehayu
Gaia Association

Issue: 59

Journal section: CaseStudies
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Received: Thu 24 of Feb., 2011
Accepted: Thu 24 of Feb., 2011


A local NGO in Peshawar in Pakistan has partnered with your organisation in order to support the dissemination of fuel-efficient cookstoves to a camp of 50,000 IDPs, displaced by the August '10 floods.

More specifically, the NGO has been requested to collect energy data from the camp, to aid them towards the appropriate dissemination of the fuel-efficient cookstoves, and to carry out the dissemination as is needed. The cookstoves will be then provided by your organisation.

They would like advice on the type of energy data they should be collecting, and how they should go about collecting them. They would also like advice on how they should use his data for distribution of the stoves. For example, who should they prioritise? Should the stoves be given out free of cost? What options could they consider?

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Stoves Cooking Delivery models
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