Low carbon energy and conflict: A new agenda

by Frauke Urban Jeremy Lind

Issue: 59

Journal section: Theme Articles
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Received: Tue 19 of Oct., 2010
Accepted: Tue 19 of Oct., 2010


Much of the public debate on the linkages between climate change and conflict focuses on how climate change might increase resource scarcity leading to new conflicts and armed violence. There has been relatively little exploration of the linkages between low carbon energy and conflict, such as how low carbon energy can improve the lives of those affected by conflict. This article seeks to tentatively map out some of the linkages. Two key connections are examined, with illustrations from Darfur and northern Kenya. The first of these concerns how low carbon energy technologies might help to improve the livelihoods of populations living in conflict-affected areas. A second important connection we examine is the challenges of implementing low carbon energy projects such as hydro-electric schemes and wind farms in areas of conflict.

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Tags: ClimateChange   LowCarbonEnergy   Conflict   Development   Darfur   Kenya   
Climate change
Africa Kenya
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