Repackaging the efficient stove as the ‘solution’ to crises in Darfur

by Samer Abdelnour

Issue: 59

Journal section: Theme Articles
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Received: Wed 22 of Sep., 2010
Accepted: Wed 22 of Sep., 2010


In response to increasing attacks on displaced women and girls when collecting fuelwood, advocacy and development organisations began to promote fuel-efficient stoves (FES) as a means to reduce the need for fuel and hence the risk of rape. Although it became clear that the promotion of stoves did little to reduce GBV, the language of sexual violence continues to be associated with efficient stoves for Darfuris. The unsuccessful promotion of FES as a means to reduce rape risk is not without its consequences for both beneficiaries and stove promoters. Nor is it without its history. Ironically, during the past four decades efficient stoves have been promoted as a solution to multiple crises in Sudan. This article presents a brief history of efficient stoves in Sudan and most recently Darfur, and the crises they were reported to resolve. Themes and implications are drawn and cautions presented when promoting stoves as a means to address complex social and environmental challenges, for conflict and relief contexts, or as a carbon offset tool.

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Tags: GenderBasedViolence   FuelEfficientStove   NonGovernmentalOrganisations   HumanitarianCrisis   Sudan   Darfur   
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