The SuperBlu Stove

The SuperBlu stove is being developed by Bluwave Ltd of Malawi, Southern Africa. The company have developed a novel burner technology that heats and then vaporises liquid ethanol with the aim of greater safety and economy.
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A prototype of the stove has undergone independent laboratory and field testing.

Download the report here(pdf link).

This report presents an assessment of the SuperBlu Stove, developed to use bio-ethanol already produced in Malawi from sugar industry waste as part of a fuel-blending programme. The stove was evaluated against an improved ceramic charcoal stove with both units undergoing field testing in twenty peri-urban households as well as safety, water boiling and controlled cook tests. The prototype stove was found to be potentially appropriate for use but suffered from manufacturing problems, with further work required on safety, performance and emissions. However, the SuperBlu Stove can be made appropriate with some seemingly achievable development. For the stove to be made both affordable and accessible to users, the ethanol market would need some marked changes to reduce price, increase available volumes and develop alternative feedstocks.

Latest information

Bluwave, the stove manufacturer, is currently working on a revised design and alternative manufacturing methods. They are currently looking for help in progressing the stove project and can be contacted at

Other applications

They have also applied the same technology to an industrial boiler, which is due for installation in a tobacco processing plant in Malawi.Bluwave have also developed a series of ethanol lamps and a ceramic heater attachment for the stove

Organisation details

P.O. Box 80006, Maselema
Blantyre 8
SE Africa
Tel: 0265 164 2287 / 2873
Fax: 0265 164 2782

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James Robinson 3 May 2007

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