SPARKNET is an interdisciplinary interactive Knowledge Network focusing on energy for low-income households in Southern and East Africa. SPARKNET is sponsored by the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme for Research under the research and technological development programme Confirming the International Role of Community Research (INCO). Acting as a virtual community and meeting / publishing through the internet - both the world wide web and email - SPARKNET brings together stakeholders from seven countries in Southern and East Africa and three from the European Union around the issue of energy and poverty in low-income households.

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Sparknet is a multi-stakeholder interactive Knowledge Network focusing on how people, in the context of acute poverty, can gain access to better energy services and improve their livelihoods.

The network aims to make available resources for policy makers, companies, and civil society on energy poverty in Southern and East Africa. These are published through the network website www.sparknet.info. Sparknet focuses on three key themes - Health, Gender and Forestry - and the relationship of these issues with energy poverty. Outputs include country overviews, scenario analyses, and policy assessments. Two e-conferences were held during the project - one on the scenarios (see Sparknet Scenario Conference), and another on policies (see Sparknet Policy Conference).

Conference dates

What is an e-conference?

An e-conference is one which will be held online via the internet (without any travelling or meeting face to face). While a physical meeting is certainly to be preferred, the online format allows for greater flexibility, much lower costs, and wider involvement of stakeholders. Another advantage is that people can 'attend' the conference while continuing their normal work, dedicating an hour or two to the conference early morning or each evening for example. Our e-conference will happen by email, supported by papers and other documentation to be made available on our website. After the conference, proceedings will be prepared and circulated.

Participation in our e-conferences is free, and no travelling or accommodation is needed. We are also not inviting submission new papers to this conference, although we welcome your contributions (in the form of mini-papers / notes / questions / suggestions) during discussions.


Email Teo Sanchez on Teodoro.Sanchez at itdg.org.uk or Grant Ballard-Tremeer on grant at ecoharmony.com

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