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The Philips wood stove is a new generation portable improved stove with a stainless steel outer body with insulated handles on either side which make it easy to carry.The fuel is wood or charcoal.

The airflow through the burning wood gasifies it and these gases are burnt with preheated secondary air. This results in cleaner burning and more efficient use of the fuel.

Cooking is quick and cooking time can be compared to the cooking time in a gas stove. Apart from faster and more convenient cooking, since the stove is more energy efficient it means the stove needs less fuel. This saves the cost or the time taken to gather or buy fuel. It also burns the fuel completely and inside a portable container, which saves the time and effort of cleaning up afterwards.Usually the time taken to clean up a traditional stove is around 30 -40 minutes per day.

The efficiency of the wood stove is because the stove has a fan that forces a controlled air flow through the stove from below. The fan improves the fuel to air ratio, helping the stove reach cooking temperature in a short time. The regulated airflow makes the heat output more stable and controllable. This is more convenient for cooking.

To start the oven, the cook lights the fuel and then switches on the fan, which runs on a rechargeable battery.As the stove temperature rises, a thermoelectric generator slowly takes over from the battery to power the fan. When the oven is at its highest temperature, the generator also recharges the starter battery.
Aprovecho, has found the woodstove to be the cleanest burning stove they ever tested.

After initial testing among 24 families in India, Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care launched a commercial pilot in 2006 in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh, which concluded in February 2007. Nearly 450 rural families have purchased the stove till now.
Philips is now developing micro-entrepreneurs as part of their distribution strategy, in partnership with two local NGOs active in the advancement of Self-Help Groups. Knowing this stove can benefit people in other parts of the world, Philips is investigating opportunities in Africa, China and Latin America.
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