"International Network on Household Energy in Humanitarian Settings" by Emily Bishop

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Speaker:Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop is a freelance consultant who manages the International Network on Household Energy, as well as several other online platforms supported by the Women's Refugee Commission.

The Organisation: Women's Refugee Commission

The Women's Refugee Commission is an expert resource and advocacy organization that monitors the care and protection of refugee women and children. The organization serves as a watchdog and an expert resource, offering solutions and providing technical assistance. Staff and board members carry out an active program of advocacy, making recommendations on how to improve assistance to refugee women and children to policy makers in the United States government and UN agencies, and to NGOs.



Thursday the 28th of Oct 2010
From 18:30 to 20:30


The Carpenters Arms Pub
12 Seymour Place, Marylebone,
London, W1H 7NA
Tel: (020) 7723 1050
Directions: googlemaps

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"The Fuel Network: International Network on Household Energy in Humanitarian Settings" by Emily Bishop Freelance Consultant for the Women's Refugee Commission

The Fuel Network website
The Fuel Network website


Darfur stove in use (Photo: Erin Patrick, Women's Refugee Commission)
Darfur stove in use (Photo: Erin Patrick, Women's Refugee Commission)
The Fuel Network, the international network on household energy was established by the Women’s Refugee Commission in June 2007. The purpose of the network is to be a key multi-sectoral mechanism for NGOs, researchers, technical experts,international organizations, the private sector, government agencies,donors and others to share, receive and discuss information regarding household energy-related initiatives and technological innovations for use in humanitarian settings worldwide, including both conflicts and natural disasters. As such, it helps to identify and institutionalize solutions to the security, environmental, technological, health and other concerns that arise around firewood collection and household energy use and supply in humanitarian settings worldwide.

Pictures from the evening

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