Energy & Environmental Concerns for Zambia (EECZ)
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  • To contribute to the development, promotion and wider use of energy in a sustainable manner to the environment in Zambia.
  • To provide a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas between individuals and organisations involved in the planning, development and sustainable utilisation of energy in Zambia.
  • To foster education, scientific research and development in the field of energy and environment as well as promote the national wide dissemination of information on energy and environment.
  • To provide a focal point for gathering and dissemination of information on energy and environment to all interested sectors of the economy and solicit for resources to promote energy use with a view of preserving the environment.
  • To provide training in the field of energy and environment.
  • To embark on projects contributing to sustainable use of energy and empowerment of the Zambian people.


Sustainable energy Policy And Research Knowledge Network (SPARKNET)

SPARKNET has twelve member organisations from nine countries, and is the first formal Knowledge Network on Sustainable household energy in Southern and Eastern Africa. The project partners are aiming to assemble and disseminate (through an interactive Internet-based knowledge network) up to date knowledge (information, scenario analysis and policy assessment) on the low income household energy situation in seven partner countries in East and Southern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa) as well as relevant donor-aid policy in three European Union countries (UK, Germany, and the Netherlands) and at an EU level. For more information check The network is funded by the European Union.

Southern African Regional Climate Action Network (SARCAN)

EECZ is a founder member of this regional network and Geoffrey Musonda is the vice chairman of the SARCAN board. EECZ continued to participate in information exchange among all the member organisations.

Country Study on Adaptation to Climate Change and Human Health under the CLACC Project

EECZ is a member of an international network of NGOs under the Civil society in Least developed Countries on Adaptation to Climate Change (CLACC) funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) of the UK. Currently EECZ is about to conclude a country study on adaptation to climate change and human health. Members have been attending international meetings and workshops on climate change.

Energising the Millennium Development Goals-Setting the Enabling Environment (E-MINDSET) in Southern Africa

The main objective of the project is to contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The main activity is to build capacity in government officers from the Planning Departments as far as MDGs are concerned. The project is being funded by European Union and EECZ. The project is being implemented in Chipata and Katete districts of Zambia.

Community Based Adaption to Climate Change in Africa

This main objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability and enhance the capacity to adapt to climate change of 8 particularly vulnerable African communities through information, training and implementation of selected adaptation activities.

The project commenced in May 2008 with identification of hot spots in order to locate the project areas but they are likely to be in Southern and Central Provinces. Once that is done studies will lead to identification of Project Idea Notes, then projects will be formulated in full consultation with the community.

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